HVU at $7.29 is a breakthrough so yes, I will add there, add 50% as my upside there covers the risk of total position. This is also 1% higher than best open price on HVU the last 6 trade days. That was following the big slide on HVU on day over day April 22 high $$8.49 to April 23 low $$6.83.


Here to next Monday, I am patient, will sell as required on drops because I am in profit now. I would set bid 3-4% lower. I consider HVU 7.07 as heading lower. So there would lighten and bid that back 4%. Drops to $7.00, fine, I will bid that back 2% and end up with bids( total 2) at $6.86 and the first 4% off $7.07 = bid $6.78 - to low $6.75.


Reality is the trade swings until we get the break out of past 6 trade days high. I would expect a real May market slide to commence moreso next week but here early bird, if patient, gets the worm (big gain), with HVU possible an easy $14 to $24 high by July.

GLTA, Cheers Manxcan Christmas in July!