Those questioning the slippery, gold lined S & P slopes, tighten the straps on the snowboards.


Q1 earnings coming in. I couldn't be asking for much more here. Since AA (Alcoa) report kicked off earnings two nice HVU runs low $6 to past $8.00, one I caught perfect. Here I am up in advance of next ecomomic report Friday. I may see an up day on markets, maybe not, but come Monday / Tues enjoy the ride.


The market is loud and clear, they do expect a market fall. Check out 2012 Q4 earnings reports in Jan -- by this time into earnings reports market was on fire. I am seeing anxious verses mechanical traders here, too much emotions. Start digesting the facts make decisions hold for run or exit the down days. You have FAS ascending and HVU holding off a drop. Its a simple trade here. FAS will pull back, HVU runs.


GLTA Cheers Manxcan