I remained too fixated on Friday exit. Monday UVXY open was $7.62 and HVU open $8.33. Since I only wanted to hold for the week I should be on a trade plan. It is an error in strategy by omitting  exit plan targets projecting reasonable profit percentage for the week.  An exit breakeven looks apparent but I will see Friday market as planned.

No sense in denying what the price is saying -bulls still are in control. As stated I will exit on UVXY entirely on Friday. My objective is to trade HVU later in April and hold for May - June exit.

In each of the past 5 sessions HVU or UVXY has opened below the close of the prior day. If we do see an open Friday higher than Thursday close I could see the week high on the UVXY or HVU price. Sitting on the position positive a/c from Monday here I took 1/2 off late day and will re-buy if HVU / UVXY opens for once on a positive over prior day close.


Till Fri GLTA Cheers Manxcan