We are fighting the bull here trading. The bull has assistance, a stock promotion firm, Draghi, Bernanke QECorp. Heck, if your rich uncle says he will send out money you need wouldn't you feel better. Well better for a while, as you find out it just wasn't enough that you needed.


On the UVXY / HVU trade I am more focused to win big on the trade late April into May - June. Here, I do what iI expect. Trade UVXY for a Friday price drop. Then I will exit and reassess market as initial earnings are released for the Qtr.


So far, holding an expectation towards that target of $9.19 HVU. Just 5% away, an easy move. $10 could be capitulation before earnings or a stiff headwind if a bullish job report comes out on which the bulls can hang there hat until Monday.


We will see, GLTA on HVU / UVXY. I am holding, but on alert for negatives to trade and required exit.

Cheers Manxcan