Oh no!  Not garbage, not garbage at all. Just the party line.  He was just pointing out that right now one could sell the Nord Gold shares obtained from the offer for the equivalent of $2.10!  WOW!  That is a 50% premium to the supposed $1.40 transaction price!  Sounds like a GREAT deal!  No?


er.... the devil is always in the deal.... The innocent enough sounding "detail" is that:

1)  You have to have an account that allows you to trade directly on the London AIM Market in order to be able to sell those shares at the equivalent of $2.10 per HRG share.

2)  Cost quoted by other posters here indicate that for those with no such AIM trading permission, the commissions and fees to execute that trade could be north of $1,000!  THAT is a HUGE bite out of any profits one might have.


So yeah, on the surface it looks good... but better examine the horse's mouth, before taking the gift from the Russian Masters.