I checked the russian court documents again.

The latest information stated that all funds and payments have been executed that were the result of the banruptcy proceedings.  Everything is done and nothing remains in the courts.

Furthermore, one of the key trial dates was on August 8 and at the bankruptcy trial, Buryatzoloto did not show up.  This is our very own arm of High River Gold that owns Prognoz silver.

Why did Severstal not show up at the final trial date after years of legal proceedings?

The only conclusion that makes sense is that they already made an agrement with the other 50% owners of Prognoz silver out of court.  This is confirmed by the fact that the two largest share holders of HRG that are participating in the share swap with Nordgold are heavily invested in Polar Silver which is the other 50% owner of Prognoz.

Bissa is in production.  Prognoz silver is no longer in bankruptcy and the ownership is working together.  None of this has been reported.  Our case for minority oppression has just significantly increased. Nordgold  played according to the rules over the last two years, but ever since the buy out offer they have restricted information.