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Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Bull Plus ETF New T.HOU

Price: $8.39 | Change: +$1.02 | %Change: +13.84%
Volume: 6.6m | Day High/Low: 8.62/7.43 | 52 Week High/Low: 45.52/7.05
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Some called the drop, the rest just looked at the imbalance and shorted oil. All the easy oil gone? Sherritt practically lifts it at $ 9 per bbl in Cuba. There is plenty enough oil. The more
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Time to Buy Bargains

MWE Just Raised $19 Million Dollars @ $0.12 Last Month. 300% Higher than Current SP...What a January Wefefect selloff. $127 Million Dollar Mine now fully Paid/ Commissioned and ready for more
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RE:For every Canadian there are 40 chinese

China was hording when oil was at $ 100. Rumour is at todays price they are filling the 3 Gorges Dam with oil. $ 200 - not happening. Ceiling is $ 100, floor at $ 40 Do you know even Malawi has more
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sold my long overnight hold on oil +1.209% roi. watching now

sold my long overnight hold on oil +1.209% roi. watching now to trade oil / ng ... long / short. glta.  rate and reply
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For every Canadian there are 40 chinese

Do the math. We have 35 million people. China has 1.4 billion. That is 40 times more. They dont run their new cars on rice.  Big set up for $200 oil. Guaranteed. I said it. $200 oil is coming. more
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I cannot believe the lies... the lies... the lies.... what a crime. They will do whatever they want, whenever they want. God danm criminal is what they are. What a whole pile of snit I hear on more
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Another fool talking about emergency reserves.

So... every economy keeps 3 months worth of oil on hand? Why? I thought the stuff was flowing out of faucets? I thought it was so god danm readily available that it warrants being down in the low 40' more
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RE:One pipeline blast and oil skyrockets. $200 probably.

Right. Ever heard of strategic reserves? Every major economy has at least 3 months supply.  rate and reply
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Read the whole report

gasoline down, distillates down. Over supply? Depends where they allocate the barrels. Was down actually.  rate and reply
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One pipeline blast and oil skyrockets. $200 probably.

Just waiting for something to happen. Global economies are crashing due to this oil crash. Dont see it lasting much longer. Saudis will be blowing up their own pipelines soon. Dont be on the more
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Sentiment And Lame Thinking Are Currently In The Driver's Se

Can't recall where I pulled this article from, so, has anyone else read this article or have a similar view? Essentially (towards the last half) this one talks about buying the lows - reputible more
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HOD @ 15.03 = +3.144% roi for me as a result of 1x long HOU

HOD @ 15.03 = +3.144% roi for me as a result of 1x long HOU and 1x long HOD vs DOW +.34% TSX -.51% trade em, never hold em. glta. oil going lower, much lower. natgas ... who cares, it is a more
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Some realistic forecast numbers from TD

Found that TD has forecasted the following prices for oil (US$ pbbl) Q1 - 40    Q2 - 42     Q3 - 50     Q4 - 55 That averages to $ 47 over the year. Why the analysts are using $ 65 is beyond me.  rate and reply
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Michelle Obama forgoes headscarf in S.A.

Haven't read enough articles to form an opinion on her decision, nor do I know enough about the S.A. culture either.  What I do know is that if you are trying to make an impression, then why not more
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Almost 13 million bbls of excess according to API

Almost 13 million bbls of excess according to API Another build up in oil inventory! more
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RE:Oil Deals

bros and sis, I'm only saying to watch Wavefront. Years back the technology stock hit over $5. Sits at 8 cents with $6 to $8 million in the bank and no debt. Upside? Who the f'c knows? Peace.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Salting supply #'s - Possibility??

If you mean reserves, then it is possible. Yes, that's what I meant.  It just came out the wrong way. ...  That said, my comment was to get people thinking about what could possibly happen more
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RE:Salting supply #'s - Possibility??

If you mean reserves, then it is possible. Many have questioned the reserves the Saudi's have. Still bearish in the short term. US production will probably not back off until late spring while more
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Salting supply #'s - Possibility??

After reading a nice summary story of our friend Michael De Guzman and Bre-X, I can't help but wonder if either supply #'s may have been 'salted' or 'miscalculated', in order to drive OIL this more
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RE:BADRI you stinkin' ARAB

forextrayder, you sir, are a moron. The fundamentals indicate an oversupply. Now, the question is, who blinks first to reduce supply? OPEC or non-OPEC producers. Badri and the OPEC producers are more