Close Friday was $10.95 HNU, so oversold AM price based on some demand due to storm  = Trade on. That day trade is done. On Day trading it is very difficult trading within the market movement after a run occurs.


I am more cautious on a retrace. I want to position a reasonable size but must respect day low. I hold 500 and want to again hit for 2000 shares HNU as on first trade. Thus I would 3x current position HNU and be satisfied with $11.11 on a day trade. 


What to do? Well it moves to $10.90 and back up through $10.94 I add to position, We are sitting here at $10.91 so if price cannot hold above $10.90, moving below $10.87 I am out. Lose on 500 and sit on sidelines. Clearly there was a reason why HND saw $4.43 today, which is reality of weeks ahead trend.



Cheers manx