There are two types of snow storms, one is a lake effect the other is a low pressure frontal.

A lake effect  snow happens during a high pressure cold snap and down wind areas of the great lakes get a dumping. These are very local. these do increase NG use due to cold air temperatures across a large region.

A frontal low pressure system Nor'easter  is what "Nemo" is. It is a snow storm accompanied by warm temperatures from north east wind at first and very low pressure.  followed by a swing around to colder North West winds lasting only a day . Low pressure systems may snow a lot, but are generally warm events.

Nemo is not going to produce much increase in NG use because of temperature. In fact more chances of power outages can occure from heavy wet snow bringing trees down on power lines, furnaces need electricity to function even if natural gas is the heat source. No electricity, means less use in Nat gas.

So IMHO NG futures are bearish due to over supply available and the storm isn't going to change the price down trend.