Always a mysterty except one thing, we know there is a ton of production and reserves available to supply NG. Despite a run in early AM HNU could not overcome the sell off Thursday post report. I did expect the storm may increase demand to pull up HNU strong early AM and then sell off but it was a weak move. I could say I sold at the morning high but I didn't. With weather forward both storms and warming going forward better to take Fri loss and an exit on 2000 long $11.37 a/c as price drifted down and away. A loss but controlled.


I  want to see HNU climb Monday on result of a weekend storm, maybe so. I will consider to day trade NG intra week after the open, see if HNU has some bounce.


My Jan posts reflected this week completed may well be the last good entry for HND near the bottom range. Once HND runs away from Wed low up 20% to $4.67 forget looking for HND $3.99 again. A 6 week run has begun. It is more important to focus on the D entry for myself.

Thankfully I got the big positive trade on HND ( UVXY) Wed through Thursday post report, but now looking for a retrace to re-enter that position.

Great weekend, GL Traders Cheers Manxcan