AT, as much as I am inclined to not trust what is happening out there, I don't see this as any proof of report leaks... even contrary. If someone had information about it you think they got the info one second before others? The report is transmitted to EIA on Monday night. If someone is paying to get it they will get it earlier than one second before. I think it was just shenenigans. They shook the market for stops collection. Before the report everyone and their grandma that wants to play the report will put in either stop losses or stop entries. That is too yummy not to be taken. I think who did the 0.4 seconds before report move just anticipated a very bullish one and wanted to clean up the slate for them to be alone in the ride up. The problem was the report wasn't that bullish. When they saw that they started a ramp to recoup the losses. I think that's what we are seeing now. There could be hundreds of reasons still. But advance knowledge won't realistically stand up in court.