Sorry to hear about your loss BR. I find these ETFs safer than penny stocks guess it depends on your point of view. Where do people decide to take loss at a couple pennies or the "AT way"? If you are going to do it this has to be the way IMO. I have to buy in lots of 3 or 4 lots I can't pick absolute top and bottom I would be cutting losses all the time. Example averaging down thru recent hnu skid to flip to hnd as hnu approached oversold panicked IMO. Until reverse split happens I don't think money is gone (they give.notice) you could hold for weeks or even months depending. It's not recommended but all hope isn't lost until reverse split happens all I'm saying. I lost on a penny a few yrs back I looked at it as 3 vacations so I didn't go on any to make myself feel better. Slowly but surely and a bit of luck I made it back I have faith you can too. >