RMezzie, I feel for you buddy... and not only because I have been through this myself... What I found during bad times, maybe it could help you too, is this. Look at it as you were driving your new beemer (I lost this kind of money, unfortunately) ad got in a bad accident... you totaled it... writeoff... no insurance to cover it (let this slide by for the sake of the argument). But you came out alive and well. This thought helped me to cut my losses. Save part of the account to fight another day. Be happy for the lesson. 

...And I am not a loner, I have family, responsibilities... It's very hard to take it. Just take the cold shower, take a longer break, reasses. Learn. Change. 

I am not telling you what to do now, because I don't know. I am just saying as a friend would, what happened to me and how I helped myself. Life is much more than money. Since I got into this I slowly changed my view of the money. It's just poker chips. Know what is poker money and what grocery.

But averaging down is an insidious monster. Blinds you so you cannot stop until you destroy yourself.