Never happened!  I had taken exit on U side Fri through Wed, looking for the Dside trade, the correct decision. I missed the opportunity of potential 'Flash High' after Thursday report. A current short term warmer forcast sours U-side trade.  


Its not like this could not happen today as price is at or near a Jan peak.  As posted, "This should peak Thursday or if not within 8 days. I allow for fact we cannot assess top precisely. Mindset must be 'it could', not will,". For that reason I was cautiously looking to enter D side.


I missed my low bid entry on DGAZ, moved bid up to $16.75 on the post report dip, missed entry by 14 cents. No big deal.


A fact, HNU could run  down to $11.70 / $11.90 here Friday to Monday. It could be tough on U side untill uptick likely to occur next week as cold weather is forecast to move back in. I may day-trade Friday. NG always will remain volatile, but as we move to early Feb - mid Feb the positions into D-side offer less risk and probable upside profits forward on trade.


GLTA, Cheers Manxcan