One batch of Arctic air was invading New England Thursday, while another wave of cold air will drive farther to the south next week.

Additional waves of cold air are in store, much unlike last year during the same time for portions of the Plains and East.

According to Long Range Weather Expert Jack Boston, "We expect to see more aggressive waves of cold air driving farther southward over the next several weeks."

A couple of weeks ago an event called sudden stratospheric warming occurred near the North Pole. The phenomenon typically sets into motion a chain of events that drives waves of arctic air into the mid-latitudes.

The chain reaction takes up to a couple of weeks to transpire, but the lingering waves of arctic air produced by the process can last for weeks.

"The core of the arctic air will be directed over the North Central and Northeastern states, as well as neighboring Canada, but significantly colder air could reach into the southern Plains and part of the southeastern U.S. during the first part of February," Boston said.

The first batch of arctic cold will be a brief one over the northern tier. Because of its forward speed and cloud cover accompanying it the region is unlikely to experience phenomenally low temperatures.