First a plan of price potential range and what factors could / should drive the price. Let no slippery MM moves get in the way. Patiently traded what I expected, just worked out right. I will go to start of week.

Monday post: Volatility intra week is tradable for big gains but on a trend move more difficult. Real money intra week was made on the gap 3% and sell on upside high. D side has little chance of a gain forward to today close. I do expect mid Tues a high is reached on HNU. Expect you see the pull back later Tuesday into Wed.

I expect upside NG, will post less. This as RMezzie, Guido sees, Inves sees is what I see, an ascending bottom still sustainable. The above Monday message noted my thoughts to trade the week. I posted the execution so as to define where committed..
Today I sold D side, my late Tuesday $3.99 guidance trade contray to my bias worked as expected. I stated HND had little chance to move positive on Tuesday. I picked up NG long (after a paper trade visual) buying UGAZ at $22.40, posted minute after that fill. I have added on the move at $21.87 and  hold 2/3 before report. Just like a week ago, the Wed clean out positions was deep --but fell into middle of *range of expectation*. (*HNU $11.50 - $12.00 retrace off the intra-week Tuesday high)
I expect to add 1/3 Friday only if I see a drop tomorrow. If UGAZ were to move up Thursday, I will await Friday or Monday to commit final 1/3. All depends on what I can assess Thursday to commit final 1/3. I hold 2400 UGAZ which will increase to 3600 shares. I must see that EIA report and Thursday AM markets.
I post to express a market view to some traders in their reseach and personal buy / sell decisions. Do your homework, this can be a false run up, somewhat early of next cold spell.
GLTA Cheers Manxcan