Volatility intra week is tradable for big gains but on a trend move more difficult. Real money intra week was made on the gap 3% and sell on upside high. D side has little chance of a gain forward to today close. I do expect mid Tues a high is reached on HNU. Expect you see the pull back later Tuesday into Wed. Not severe, maybe HNU $11.38 to $11.53 is a trade. This should happen as MM and moreso the pit traders lose momentum buyers on long side prior to report. Further, temperatures change over the course of 2 days.


As to report, I do not expect a bearish report. Expect a neutral to slight edge bullish. A report of 180+ withdraw is not bearish here. We should well exceed that Thursday. It would on current conditions be a stretch to expect a lot more here until Friday and into next Monday.


What counts is curent system holding place for a few days after Thursday and moving cold air closer to New York / Washington region next week. So far, nothing shows to dispute this occuring.That bring me  conclusion we see month highs next week on HNU.


Always keep in mind the omnipresent capabilty to supply NG remains in place. price rise here is driven solely by cold system increasing demand, thereafter pull backs and volatility into February.

GLTA Cheers Mx.