It is good to see that some degree of normal conversation has returned to the forum.

I did not do any trading or following NG during the last 2 weeks. I was in Maui with the family and stayed away from the computers.

Thank you for not trashing my thoughts, as that's all they are. It is good to see that other investors are trying to understand how NG pricing is determined by all the players.

Chances are, if you are thinking it, someone else has already thought of it.

Someone said a few posts ago, about group think... that probably has a lot of sway.

I look at the daily NG news report and it is bullish one day and bearish the next. It practically must just make up excuses why NG is up or down and then everybody group thinks it and the trend continues until the next day when they make up some reason again why it's not.

IMHO just do the opposite of the tv BNN or bloomberg group think and you'll probably hit it 100%, but that will take a lot nerve, need a crystal ball, Was hoping for a volcanic eruption, on the Mayan calander end of the world, That past without an ash cloud to block out the sun for  a year and I would have made a fortune with HNU. Oh well, maybe next week my volcanic ash cloud will arrive and make a mini-ice age.  Nobody knows the future is what I am saying,

"To suffer the arrows of outragous fortune" as some english writer  put it.