Guido is in Bahamas... mmmhh... I'm sure everything points up for him now :)

Bad joke aside, we seem to have bounced right at the lower 100 day BB. This eencouraging, but still just one day. As a pop day it was kindof moderate... We have to get over 3.33 on my charts to get over the first hurdle, then we have another one looming around 3.56. ...then 3.80, and so on... Looks like pie in the sky for me now, but, what can I do... I do not have the means to day-trade it properly. No system, no tools, my broker seems to be against me sometimes, etc... I'm working on some tools to circumvent the brokers' obtusity and also allow me to build a system. Right now I'm between a system and no system. ...Which sucks.