well i have been in and out on int for about 2.5 years buddy. Rode it initially back in the winter of 2010 from 20 cents to a high of $3 + sell in april 2011. Since then have been buying shares off my casino winnings to hold long for what is expected to be a spinoff of the company onto a US major exchange. LIM just got in about a couple of months ago in the 60's off a tip from a buddy that it was ready to take off. Doing very nice i must say lol

LIM might be a little too high to buy at this level. Not sure how much more it will go up short term. Might want to wait and see how the trading goes, but if you see continued upturn on high volume, might want to get int

INT is a pure spec play at the moment. If the company releases the anticipated news of revenue contracts signed for their universal translator, or spinoff details to the nasdaq, this will fly past a $1 in no time. But it is a gamble, if it does not go through, could easily return back to 10 cents. But it is sweet for swing trading if you can get in at the right price lol

Just got to keep your ear to the ground, and follow any plays out there. This is why i was saying i don't like too be too long with ng, as there are so  many daytrading opportunities out there if you have the free cash to play