I also own silver shares of mining AXR and SVM since the announce of Q4 and yesterday bank of Japan unlimited QE to come gold silver have been raided on 3 occasion in after hours trading when the liquidity is low and gold has gone down 20.00 odds dollars on each occasion within minutes. The question his who and why. For a big buyer to buy couple billion of gold or silver or both in order to commit such an order and not have the trade turn against you one has to do it after hours have the price going down and triggering stop and cause and panic sell off then one is able to buy millions of shares and redeem them higher after ward this is called a bear raid. Now gold is going down and down someone is buying 3 days ago someone bought over 6 millions shares of eldorado mining while the stop were being triggered chars do not lied they give a sense to all the Shenanigans. Yes it is scary to buy when all are selling but market never go down and up in a straight line.


On silver 30 years chart January Feb and march sometime also April are the bullish months of the year the last few years silver and god have been driven down the week prior to new years eve amazing is it not. There doing it again this year and first week of new year bang major rally last year svm in the first week climbed from 6.12 to 6.95 on January the 06 afterward all the way to 8.20 January the 26 chart are a trader friend. Divulgation own SVM and AXR and under since entry point but holding without fear thank to Uncle Ben and BOJ printing press.