guido, I wont be in a position to maximize profits by missing an overnight  pop.

But on the otherhand niether will someone holding HNU all the way down from let's say $18.

Sure that person would get the pop and enjoy the uptrend or obtain relief during the uptrend all the way back from $12 to $18, but they would not make any money, just obtain relief from the current grief.

Last week I made $900 on HNU and HND all while the trend was down in NG and didn't once hold over night.

I still have the option to do some over night holding, I have stated I was in the barn a few times, Once made a $2000 gain over one night, but after a few $1000 losses, I have learned, it's not a good idea to fight the market direction looking for luck at the track. Donkey broke a leg out of the gate sort of thing you know.

Ya  I wait for a turn around in NG, as playing the D is counter psychological, It just doesn't feel like a gain when it happens. But I still take'm. 

When the weather changes and record draw occures the traders will have a ball. The current HNU holders will sell on their relief rally and miss out on the real run, not believing it can go higher.