Only took a position when it recovered to 11.80 and got nervous after holding it to 11.98 and it fell back to 11.90 where I bailed, so only made $80 today. 

For the week , up $900 . Very happy trading the A_T way and not holding over night.

The bottom has to be coming after this week. Winnipeg please send your weather to New York and Chicago. Now that would fix those NG MM's that think winter is no longer possible.

I still say that winter will not be like last year. When the first cold snap happens, the EIA will show a record draw, because so many electrical generators that were not there two years ago will draw lots, and there is still the added housing heat that didn't run last year. A Record draw will shoot NG past $4.50 . And will set up an anticipation of traders, that record draws will quickly deplete storage. When it starts running, it will go a lot further faster than anyone could imagine in a week like this one.

Which week it starts... is the only question.