Moving up off  report low price of $11.82 and support above the HNU $12.11 AM open. Just one day, so patience, but with price above the day low will increase the bid.          

Bid is to $11.97 GT Fri, a dip of 3.75% below $12.44. A 2% drop off current $12.19,  within a day range volatility. Patient approach.

Feel exit upside to $15 is defintely doable, possible is $17.50, and like HND. An overshoot to $20.13 HNU on a true winter cold snap for 8 14 days puts that price in range.

North of Winnepeg lingers -36 cold. Not yet occurring, but if this gets behind a south moving front, look for $17.50 as a given. Nothing guaranteed, we just position the trade to the forward weather potential.

Cheers manxcan