180 mmcf/d of gas processing brought on line last few weeks and an additional 2.41 bcf/d gas processing coming on line in 2013/2014 in Marcellus/Utica -in addition to chk plans

Read mwe presentation below on slides 5, 15 and 22 and see article below on recap on Marcellus activities 

1-US Lower 48 Gas Production (to reach 25 bcf/d by 2016) vs Demand(Trillion Cubic Feet)-slide 5 from latest mwe presentation below based on en vantage projections 

2-MWE bringing on line 770 mmcf/d in Utica (Harrison and Noble counties) in 2013 and another 1640 mmcfd in Marcellus (WV counties) in 2013/2014 slide 15 from latest mwe presentation below 

3- MWE could bring on another another 200 mmcf/d possible in Marcellus-PA in 2014 or around there slide 15 from latest mwe presentation below 


MWE Doddridge Co. WVa Online 
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State Journal 6 Dec 2012; 

New, much-needed natural gas processing capacity is coming online in Doddridge County, thanks to MarkWest Energy Partners. 
The Denver, Colo.-based midstream company held a ribbon cutting Dec. 6 to celebrate the opening of the first stage of its Sherwood processing plant at Route 50 near West Union. 

"We're very proud to announce that we're also building a second and third Sherwood plant as we speak," said MarkWest CEO Frank Semple at the event. "We're already running a lot of gas through the first plant — that's a very good thing." 

Phase I of the Sherwood processing plant has begun separating methane and the lightest natural gas liquid, ethane, from the heavier natural gas liquids: propane, butane and isobutane and natural gasoline. 
Methane and ethane are routed directly to pipeline for distribution as natural gas; the heavier liquids are being trucked to the company's fractionation plant at Houston, Pa., to be separated for sale into various markets. The company expects to have a pipeline to Houston operational next spring, said Engineering Director Scott Lewis. 

The company eventually will separate ethane as well. Local markets for ethane will develop as ethane crackers are built and come online. 

Sherwood currently is able to process about 120 million cubic feet per day and Phase I will ramp quickly up to 200 MMcf/day; Phases II and III will take that to 600 MMcf/day. 
Lewis said Phase I was under construction for about a year and a half and employed about 200 local electricians, pipefitters, welders, carpenters and other tradespeople. 
Semple outlined MarkWest's presence in West Virginia and the region. 
The company has invested about $3 billion since 2008 in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, he said — about $1 billion of that in West Virginia. 
In 2013, at its Sherwood, Majorsville and Mobley facilities in West Virginia, it plans to add six more processing plants like the one that is opening now at Sherwood, he said, and it's also building a 38,000 barrel per day fractionation facility at Majorsville. 

And the company employs about 300 in the four-state region, 75 in West Virginia; by the end of 2013 it will have 450 working in the region and 100 in West Virginia, not including contractors and ancillary jobs. 

By the end of 2013, MarkWest will have more processing capacity in West Virginia than any other midstream company, Semple said. 
"The positive economic impact is substantial and undeniable," he said. 
MarkWest's presence at Sherwood is directly related to the growth of Antero Resources in Doddridge and Harrison counties, Semple said, and Antero Chairman and CEO Paul Rady spoke of that success at the ribbon cutting. 

Like MarkWest, Antero is based in Denver, but West Virginia is its biggest focus, Rady said. 
The company is one of the top two producers in West Virginia, he said. It has 12 drilling rigs operating in the state and will have 14 next year; it's spending $700 million to drill 90 horizontal wells this year and another $115 million laying pipelines and building compressor stations. 
It has submitted more than one-third of the 491 horizontal well permits filed since the Legislature passed the state's new rules for horizontal drilling in December 2011, he added. 
The company has 40 full-time employees in the state and about 3,500 contractors of which more than 70 percent live here, he said. 

And it's building a new 50,000–square foot complex at Bridgeport. 
Semple, Rady and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, who was on hand to cut the ribbon, all spoke of the importance of the Marcellus Shale in the nation's energy future and of the conversion of drilling rigs and fleets to run on natural gas and on the creation of natural gas fueling stations to support that effort. 
The Marcellus is the second biggest gas field in the world after one in the Middle East, Rady said, and the liquids-rich section around northern West Virginia is "the best part." 


Gulfport Energy Reports Utica Shale Results and Announces First Sales Through MarkWest Harrison County Gas Processing Complex 
GlobeNewswirePress Release: Gulfport Energy Corporation – Tue, Nov 27, 2012 7:10 PM EST 


Symbol Price Change 
MWE 50.53 0.50 

OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 27, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gulfport Energy Corporation (GPOR) today reported test results on its Shugert 1-12H well in the Utica Shale and announced first sales through the MarkWest Energy Partners, L.P. (MWE) Harrison County gas processing complex. 

Shugert 1-12 Results 

Gulfport's Shugert 1-12H tested at an average sustained 18 hour rate of 28.5 million cubic feet ("MMCF") per day of natural gas, 300 barrels of condensate per day, and 2,907 barrels of natural gas liquids ("NGLs") per day assuming full ethane recovery and a natural gas shrink of 10%, or 7,482 barrels of oil equivalent ("BOE") per day. 

Gulfport's Shugert 1-12H well was recently tested following the conclusion of its 60-day resting period. The well was flow tested over 48 hours, reaching an average sustained 18 hour rate of 28.5 MMCF per day of natural gas and 300 barrels of condensate per day on a 32/64" choke and a flowing casing pressure ("FCP") of 4,208 psi. Subsequent to the test, the 12 hour wellhead shut in casing pressure ("SICP") was 5,250 psi. Based upon composition analysis, the gas being produced is 1204 BTU rich gas. Assuming full ethane recovery, the composition above is expected to produce an additional 102 barrels of NGLs per MMCF of natural gas and result in a natural gas shrink of 10%. In ethane rejection mode, the composition is expected to yield 41 barrels of NGLs per MMCF of natural gas and result in a natural gas shrink of 2%. Gulfport currently anticipates it will begin flowing the Shugert 1-12 H into a sales pipeline by the end of January. 

MarkWest Harrison County Gas Processing Complex Online 

MarkWest Utica EMG. L.L.C. ("MarkWest Utica"), a joint venture between MarkWest Energy Partners, L.P. (MWE) and The Energy and Minerals Group ("EMG"), together with Gulfport have commenced operations of the interim 60 MMCF per day Cadiz refrigeration plant in Harrison County, Ohio. This facility is supported by production from Gulfport's Wagner 1-28H well and Boy Scout 1-33H well. 

MarkWest Utica's partnership with Gulfport includes the development of a comprehensive suite of midstream infrastructure in Harrison, Guernsey, and Belmont counties. In addition to the Cadiz refrigeration plant and initial gathering pipelines, MarkWest Utica is constructing a 125 MMcf/d cryogenic processing plant, Cadiz I, which is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2013. An additional 200 MMcf/d cryogenic plant, Cadiz II, is planned to be operational by the third quarter of 2013 to support Gulfport's rapidly growing liquids-rich production from the Utica Shale. By the beginning of 2014, MarkWest Utica is expected to construct up to 140 miles of gathering pipeline and associated compression for Gulfport's planned drilling program of 50 gross wells in 2013. 

MarkWest Utica's planned investment includes a de-ethanization facility at the Cadiz processing complex where purity ethane will be produced and delivered to Gulf Coast markets. The propane and heavier natural gas liquids will then flow via pipeline to the Harrison County fractionator for further separation into valuable purity products. Together these facilities will represent the largest fractionation and marketing complex in the Utica Shale, providing 100,000 barrels per day of C2+ fractionation capacity with an expected completion date in the first quarter of 2014. 

Management's Comments 

"We are pleased to announce another strong flow test from our position in the Utica Shale of Eastern Ohio," commented Jim Palm, Chief Executive Officer of Gulfport. "Our results to date continue to validate our high expectations for the play and, with the commencement of operations at MarkWest's Cadiz Complex, we look forward to maximizing the play's potential." 

"Gulfport's success in the Utica Shale and the commencement of operations at our Cadiz Complex are significant accomplishments in the ongoing Utica Shale development in Eastern Ohio," stated Frank Semple Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of MarkWest. "Early results indicate this play is one of the most exciting new areas for natural gas and liquids production in the United States and given our leading position in the neighboring Marcellus Shale we are well positioned to support the producers' future development plans in the Utica"....