Thanks to {ignore} the board seems more civil. Opinions are for what you think. If a re: to an opinion, and you do not agree, deliver an argument (case) we may factor in to our own assessment. Clearly, if a solid argument contrary to mine I want to consider opinion, maybe for a stop loss risk management.

We trade for % wins and higher % gain on a trade verses loss % we should incur. (Risk management 101.).

Surely we can hear back from traders whose opinions once in a while are contray or incorrect.

Example...........a post of a trader.


RE: below $4 good time to buy ?

Bought in for 3.94~ I see very little downside to this right now. NG prices should not go pass 3.50 until we have a clearer indication about how cold this coming winter will be.

Well after 3 months will HND in 2012 reach again $3.94…….maybe next 4 trade days. But it took 3 months.

As to "MY TRADE" -- I BID THE PLAN $28.46 & BID THE $27.28 (= hnu $13.69). I THINK IT HAS RISK.

I am not all in, and within a/c just 3.5% off on a high volatility trade where I can exit on week over week overlaps.  Reduce or add Mon / Thurs UGAZ? Must see price and data. Low sell exit $33, real target is Jan $44 -$48.

Have a nice weekend all,

Cheers Manxcan.