Don`t blame you....we`ve seen how NG can have crazy moves....I just wish for everyone the ability to turn profits during what is often a difficult time of year for many families. 
I have a nice story to daughter is a full time university student with very low income and maybe only a few hundred bucks to spare every month....anyway she took it upon herself to use most her few hundred bucks and buy a grocery hamper for a family of 4 for xmas.  The most touching part is that she told her 3 younger brothers that she was not going to have much money for their gifts this year. My 3 sons decided that they wanted to help her out and all 4 kids decided that they would`t buy each other any gifts and prefer to donate some of their saved money and help her so that they could buy more groceries and a few small wife certainly did something right with our children and I say this because I have spent alot of time on the train away from home.

There isn`t any money in this world that could make my wife and I any happier then to know how our children are so aware of how lucky we are..... It`s not always about how much money we make but rather what we do with the money we make.