IMO, as usual NG was oversold. Many people have their finger on the trigger but forget to take the safety off. I believe tomorrow could see NG have further pressure with another shot at HNU near $13.50 but then we should see NG push towards $3.75 ultimately driving HNU back towards $15+.  I will continue to add to my HNU position on any weakness,  missed one of my bids yesterday at $13.50 and expect to get it yet if not then will add to my position as it moves higher.
NG to $3.75 then $4+ into the new year.  Don't expect that NG will have much more wekness into 2013, not even during spring shoulder season.  NG to $4.25+ b4 March and then $5 b4 summer cooling season....wait and see, don`t miss the run-up, unless you want to be in the same camp as the resident bumm buddies.