not really, but too be honest, trading softwares are not really going to help you that much when it comes to ng, as the swings can turn on you in a heartbeat. You really just have to follow the trend of the trading of that day whether up or down, and just pick a price you are confortable with. I usually wait for about 10-15 minutes after the market opens just to get any sort of idea as to how the trading is going. Today right from the beginning, i saw it was going green, even though it was bouncing up and down on the green range. So i decided just to put in a buy on U, and well it worked.

But you also have to follow the trading closely. Like i said it can turn on you sometimes in a heartbeat, and sometimes it is better to get out at break even, or even a small loss, then get caught with your pants down, and have to hold for a significant period. That's why again for me, small 10-20 cent gains on U is good enought for me, where as for D, i usually will settle for 5-10 cent gains, and sometimes even have stops in place to try to mitigate major turns.