Don`t blame you Rob, NG is so volatile..... I chose to hold my position from last week because I felt this mornings NG move would occur.  I think even on a weaker report this Thursday that NG can possibly garner enough interest to get past $3.75 within the next 2 weeks.  This year we will not see the usual weakness in NG that you normally get at this time.  The reduction in rigs and the production cuts that have been implemented will have a major impact on NG over the next 3 mths IMO.  CHK has informed the market of their intended production cuts and that they would be felt in early 2013, so IMO I think the reduction in oversupply that went from near 60% oversupplied to nearly normal supply tells me we are in for a big surprise when the cold weather hits..... I think NG will see opposite move to more recent years and move much higher on larger withdrawals.