I bought 500 @ $17.79 time 9:58, sold 500 @17.91 time 10:47... made $45 . TD.

Because NG Dec & Jan are skirting the top of the bollinger band and fairly high above the 20DMA on a thin trading day in NG, I felt that it is too risky to buy much as the gains of the week could cause profit taking at any time. The signal is still a buy, but caution is called for. So I just had to play. Was worth the effort for the hour watch.

Sitting out again tonight.

No I don't think that HND is a play, the overnight risk of sub $3 on an open , because the signal is bullish, you can get lucky and get an overnight pullback in NG, but the trend is up bias and those who held HND all week are sure hurting and wishing for $3.70's HND, which is not likely to happen.

The days run up evaporated by the end of the day and it pays to take a profit if you get one.

Good trading for me this week , the NG's got above the resistance so profit taking will prevail tomorrow IMHO, And as long as resistance holds , 20DMA holds and signal holds, will position back into HNU if appropriate . NG can go $4.00 plus without the pullback too.