Funny how life turn out to be AT was the worst bully ever to hit Stock House since Spec took upon him to go to the R.C.M.P. in B.C.. and report this individual who goes from bulletin board to another and bully all who have a contraries view and especially hitting Spec non stop. Since Spec rising the possibility to go the the RCMP magic AT gone it is voluntary or is it stock house remain to be seen..My hat to you Spec for a job well done thank for having given us back the Board sure is nice. You have all my respect


Now is it worth it ,yes if AT come back I and other are willing to write a open letter to the CEO of Stock House regarding the abuse committed by this individual this is not acceptable and there is law banning such a conduct. If no action is taken against him we will go one step further the Justice way. There are law now protecting poster from sheer abuse from individual who believe there are above all law,and hide behind a cyber identity believing there are immune. One step further I thing this individual believe he own the board. This forum use to be one of the most read where one could come at all time and gather solid information on current trend, charts, weather you name it. Some solid posters where writing here, now most are gone why because some individual utilizing several identity come here and bash and shoot at anyone who dare not think, trade or behave like them this is not acceptable conduct. this is a forum to exchange with respect of other opinion, trade, contrary view.


Anyway AT or who ever you are you been warm friend. You come back with this attitude and it will not be accepted anymore.