Most have done a lot of reading two days ago you gave the appearance of one not knowing nothing now know it all lol...have seen this before in the past usually someone banned that come back alive under a new identity you're not fooling no one take care and further my point of one day heat does not change the bullishness of Ng there is currently a real cold front moving in it is minus -18 in the prairies and this arctic cold is being push on the eastern sea board of the U,S so watch out next week anyone cut pant down with the D may take one serious blow into his her account. Ng is being lit up with the demand increasing from the home domestic usage increasing due to cheap price more home are converting to natural gas in the U.S. versus electricity. More Ng being used with the electrical company converting there coal plant this subject has been under the radar for some time and last but not least company capping well. time will tell I am long fel and others will see in January