My friend I suggest you do a lot of reading our Ng market does not follow the world price nor is the price going up or down because of the oil market. Until we become a export to the rest of the world with Ng converted into liquid form and plants are in the making for Canada to build to  Ng plant on the B.C.. coat we remain a closed market which is only influenced by the demand from summer and winter nothing more nothing lest. That the nice thing with Ng not influenced by events outside our country we dealt with our market and the demand coming from the states New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit City of that size when hit by a cold snap make price go up as the consume more Ng then all of our Canadian province combined. The Sunny state if hit by a cold snap in wither will influence also greatly the price of Ng at the Henri Hub and other hub do some reading there is a lot to learn even seasoned trader learn and not always right on there call she is a beast to master take care