I will give you an advise take your time read a lot on Ng I for one have been here a long time used to trade HNU left over $75,000 on the table 3 years ago when I got cut into a reversal as we did not have a summer Ng is called the widow maker and she does bear her name. Ng is seasonal on top of it you have the edge fund, the spot price with demand and supply, the storage weekly injection or draw. The demand in the pipeline, the weather forecast which may boost or reverse Ng.


On top of all of this sometime there will be  a bearish withdraw and Ng will go bullish at other time you will have a bullish withdraw and market will go  bearish ask around this is not an easy commodity to trade. I currently trade junior as I do not have to worry with daily fees, contango . This post is not written to tell you that one can not make money here with this ETF one has to known was he is getting itself in and have the time to peruse his her play. Also be carefull of poster who never lose money here on this board many have come and go and many have left solid money on the talbe it took me over 2 years of trading to get close to even with other trade that is a lot of work believe me....


At this time of the year I say Ng will be bullish if Mr winter shows the tip of it nose Ng will be a fire rocket this year. The reason being lot of well where cap, production is down, further lot of electrical  plant into he U.S. have switched to Ng from coal at a unprecedented scale in last decade.

So no one in it right mind will let itself go into bankrupt for having price to low some of the company I currently own such as FEL have no debt and it going this morning at 1.41 a share this will not last Ng may be in for a solid year if not will be next one. But what ever you do be careful kept some cash if you go D as they may be soon a reverse split for the D take care and good luck