Tomorrow's EIA NG report

Well the set up is here again. We are sitting with some awesome Robry commentary and analysis of the current overall storage situation and tomorrow's number. He gave us a gift last week as well and if it were not for the EIAs "mistake" NG and specifically UNG would have broken into a new range imo. We are being given another present from Robry. Median guesstimates from the resident genius analyst community is at a draw of 24. Our very own Robry is at a draw of 34 bcf which accounts for the EIAs recent skewing or at 44 bcf based on his model. It gets better if the EIA gets its head out its rear end and tries to rectify last weeks statistically impossible (robrys words) report. Traders in the know must be reading up on this board as the are putting a strong bid on NG in an otherwise sloppy energy complex tape. I am still very long UNG and look to see this trade to 30 possibly 40 by spring, depending on weather. We all make our own bets and do your own DD.