I finally realize what others mean about NG. As I said before, I am aware and try to cope with manipulation everywhere, you cannot expect not to have it. It's in all our genes, we start manipulating since childhood. The problem that I start to realize is killing me is that in NG there is a high inbalance of power. There is obviously one entity with exagerrated power over the market dictating everything. This entity only plays the know TA to polarize the retail suckers or whatever small floor traders can ripp off. If it wasnt for this, I think they would just fix the price they liked. This inbalance, making it look like a boxing match between opposite weights boxers, is what makes everyone detest it. 

I am pondering to never touch it again. I am thinking of FOREX. All other commodities suffer from the same problem, not to the same extent as NG , but still unbalanced. You cannot just guess the thoughts of an absolute tyrant. This is called gambling, and I do not like it.