This post is written for anyone who may be inclined to follow the advise of this individual who has no clue on oil and ng. At the time the middle east is closed to a all out war as some do not seen to known there geography of the world God forbid that a all out war with Israel start the middle east will be set aflame. So nut case as it obvious you do not seen to known that some of the biggest supplier of oil such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and other are nearby it is sheer stupidity to spread that HOD is the trade. As if anyone enter a big move base on your zero knowledge of world events and knowledge regarding a commodity one as to be more than blind I would called sheer stupidity. If all out war start and oil goes ballistic one could lose all of his money being short oil simple as that. In your case there is no problem as you are not trading real money which I do not have to extend on this matter as your thousand past post about you're alleged trades all successful by the way is just impossible.


Further has you never wrote one single posts with facts as to why a commodity may go  either up or down base on sound facts .On calling other downs with vulgar vocabulary and telling them they have no business on this board as you think you do own the BB that I gave you an A plus.


To be stupid I grand you a   plus again. But to lead other into real trouble this is a no no .