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Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Natural Gas Bull Plus ETF T.HNU

Price: $17.48 | Change: $-0.02 | % Change: -0.11%
Volume: 267,680 | Day High/Low: 17.82/17.38 | 52 Week High/Low: 20.69/8.41

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despite todays cold front injection is still occuring today

Albeit that the Powerburn blog said today would be +8 , it was revised down to +2 in the last 12 hours. Injection is underway and a cold front is only bringing a few days of cold and we will be right...read more
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RE:BNN talking nat gas now on tv

More fodder for the fire in the barn. Get out bulls while you still can!  rate and reply
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BNN talking nat gas now on tv

eom  rate and reply
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Time to dump LNG Cheniere Energy Yup

Honk Honk  rate and reply
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Happy Anniversary

April 18 last year marked the highest point in NG until November, was also due to early spring cold. Bulls going to get their heads chopped!  rate and reply
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RE:Fiddle DD

My thinking was the same. With an a/c of 5.49 I figured I could sit tight and be OK. Did not anticipate such a large spike today. Waiting for it to top out to buy my last 40% I guess.  rate and reply
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D'ers can be consoled

JNUG getting creamed.  rate and reply
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Hint Hint Post

I was wondering how many would jump off D win Monday and take the U position as it was clear when you drill down on the data. Friday was Hint Hint..."As to U side, expect........". This is why I trade...read more
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Fiddle DD

Was considering reducing yesterday ahead of the storm, but since longer term forecasts changed, was hoping the trend would continue. Bulls still haven't learned yet. This Thursday is the big bull...read more
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Christmas in Toronto!

Every thing is white this a.m., and still snowing!  rate and reply
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$4.22 today or early this week. Short remains the trade!

Natural gas drops on forecasts for mild U.S. weather 2014-04-14 16:55:51 GMT (Investing.com) Investing.com - Forecasts for seasonably mild U.S. temperatures typical of this...read more
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$4.513, Shorts own this junk!

The natural gas markets fell during the session on Monday, slipping down below the $4.60 level. This market looks against trying to roll back over, and as a result we feel that the market will likely...read more
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Kerplunk $4.52 $-)

Next up, $4.25. The trend is your friend.  Short is the trade.  http://touch.investing.com/commodities/natural-gas  rate and reply
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Hi All, yes still alive but been out in the mountains the last 2 weeks taking down 70 foot firs on our property while having just enough time to trade, keep track and little to no time to chat. Sure...read more
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It's not only NG, there are other ETF's, stocks(ELD.TO,etc.), where one could make easy 2-3%/day. As for math look for  Forex  Profit Calculator, comes as MS Excel' Of course it's harder to move 10k...read more
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Your calculation was fun. Keep in mind that putting 10k into ng is one thing, but as time goes on eventually you would be putting 495k into ng. Along the way your ballz would double in size - assuming...read more
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Natural Gas Surging After Hours

NG surging after hours. Looks like today is a small breath for the bulls, HNU will be up tomorrow. Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/t.hnd/horizons-betapro-nymex-natural-gas...read more
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Re:RE:Re:Bulls vs Bears!

2%/year, you kidding me, 2%/ day, that is my aim. Risk is to high on Thursday's, you never know where the market is heading, one could loose or make 8% instantlly. Not for me, I preffer more...read more
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RE:Re:Bulls vs Bears!

If your too scared to take a simple 50/50 chance either way to make some cash on thurs....you should stick to your granny dividends of 2% a year.  rate and reply
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Re:Bulls vs Bears!

Good luck to you to guys. I won't be keeping this position or any position on Thursday, as I got no crystal ball, to see which way will market spike.  This calulation is just for fun: if one invest...read more