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Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Natural Gas Bull Plus ETF T.HNU

Price: $17.51 | Change: +$0.01 | % Change: +0.06%
Volume: 304,671 | Day High/Low: 17.82/17.38 | 52 Week High/Low: 20.69/8.41

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Hee Haw! Guess who is a bull? No zhit! You NG bull pumpers b

Hee Haw! Guess who is a bull? No zhit! You NG bull pumpers better not be bullzhitting me or anyone else! ROTFLMA. Not to worry, I do my own due diligence, none of which includes hopium. Great morning...read more
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HGU / JNUG play?

Yellen going to speak. GOld took a dump yesterday already. COT data saying smart money betting on gold to rebound some. Worth a side trade?  rate and reply
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patience play

Driving me nuts, just holding. But thinking it's the best medicine. Anyone got some good points to disagree on a D play for next while?  rate and reply
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RE:I am long!

I guess you can say that everyone is bearish, but where did you get that information, did you ask everyone and quantify the results of your census? Or did you just make it up in your mind that...read more
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long weekend play

4/4 times I've noticed. Bulls take profit day before the long weekend. So not expecting anything different again on THursday. I've seen a very bullish report with big selling sometime after the report...read more
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NG storage!

Here is the link: NG storage chart  rate and reply
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I am long!

This baby is going up, every body is bearish, market never does what majority is expecting. Chart looks ready for bounce, daily trade only.  rate and reply
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post report is bearish

beat or miss, since weather forecasts are mixed or bearish, it is likely going to go down overall, unless it drops really big already before the report.  rate and reply
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I suspect with the move mid-day today, that no one would want to be a bag holder on the futures, and utilities would buy spot as needed like they did with Feb futures expiry. Feel pretty comfortable...read more
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Unless the downstream supplier has bought in advance I expect high probable we drop D price in AM. As to key indicators Sun vs to Tues and Wed forecast last. My own (so toss up on the Gold Seal or...read more
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RE:$4.25 gas-to-coal number

I guess $4.25 makes sense, since we are way below average in storage. UNG $23.5 target price including contango. which means DGAZ at $3.87, up 23%. I would say that's the max before the bulls will try...read more
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$4.25 gas-to-coal number

http://reminiscencesofastockblogger.com/2013/04/15/some-conclusions-on-the-natural-gas-market/ Here says it's $4.25, while last year it was $3.8 supposedly.  rate and reply
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Early Eia Estimates

Seems like a pretty good concensus for this week. powerburn is considerably more bullish next week. Robry +39 followed by +57 Ben Smith +39 followed by  +55 Powerburn +37 followed by +38 I am...read more
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Weak vs Strong

Intra week trading is near impossible for those trading gas but also occupied with driving to workplace and attending to daily job functions. It is why you see different strategies to trading Nat Gas....read more
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RE:RE:Whitewater raft pattern forming

1st stop, UNG at $23.  rate and reply
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RE:Whitewater raft pattern forming

The fulcrum point of $4.557, the low from Feb 9 has not held today, down she goes, where she stops , nobody knows.  rate and reply
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RE:RIP bulls

Look at it plummet !  rate and reply
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RIP bulls

Always the autumn play if the summer doesn't pan out.  rate and reply
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Whitewater raft pattern forming

Will be 1/2 sorry to see it go.  rate and reply
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RE:despite todays cold front injection is still occuring today

Interesting tidbit on Encana. In 2012, you already had record production even when gas was at that price. Like I said before, it's all in their hedging. Production companies can survive, the higher...read more