Though that last point of yours speaks volumes for the case mentioned... one could also argue that all financials are at best 15:1 leveraged... and therefore, technically insolvent all the time if they are stuck holding bad collateral - not at FMV but rather as "held not available for sale".   Peekaboo.

They are living by eating/ taking short term lines most everywhere.... ZIRP is flying internationally as well (central banksters shell games just released), and so it all just goes on and on as an oligarch ponzi game of faux-instilled financial strength wrapped around a faux-instilled confidence nugget via the gaming of  the last known "all knowing" Mr. Market. 

Now add to that all technical charts that are being contrived by Central Bankster primary dealer thugs who are using taxpayers'  finite  LOC's to trade Mr. Market right up to - and will eventually, drive us all right over the cliff when the debt limit in the US halts the US Government....  and yes, I'm betting on a government shut down because of the Banksters' being denied access to the Taxpayers' debt ceiling limit.    This reversal will not show up in a typical a high pole waning formation IMHO.