Settle down ladies. I have only posted comments on the board for the eyes of other retail investors like myself. If you represent the company, are an institutional player or similar feel free to place me on your ignore list. I have no interest in your comments or thoughts whatsoever. Thats what reporting is for.

I posted simply because there appeared, and i think continues to appear to be an effort to 'talk up' this stock. A quick review of financials and guidances related to this company will show an obviously poorly performing company. Other comments related to share price are simply based on the fact that this is a contracting company with a soon to be reduced topline performance. Some share corrections are to be expected. Dilution, Split.. take your pick. Something is on the cards. Not my opinion, not being negative, just fact. My thoughts related to the 'some tech site' were a product of a simple google on 'hemisphere gps' which will yield comments from the company about what is included in the sale.

I've never talked up a stock ever. When a stock is on the up and up there is really nothing to say. Your generally pleasantly surprised by reporting. One would wonder why people would be at it with this stock. I really moved into Ag stocks in late 08. Many of them have had an incredible run these last 4 years, mostly in my opinion due to the flight from financials in to energy and commodities. I don't invest in stocks of this Market cap as a general rule. Given the run the larger energy and ag stocks have had there is no reason. My approach is that I have a life and so do not follow stocks, that being to say that I may only look at a stock like trimble once a month. I do enjoy sleeping well. I suspect with a stock like this you'd need sleeping tablets, but if you can time the bottom and the top to get your 25% .. then ring the register. I'd wager your down the rabbit hole on this one because you couldnt figure it out though.

Trimble has been a good place to be these last few years. However the market will turn at some point and I like stocks in the 50 to 100 mil caps when that happensl.

Perhaps I will post again in a few months after the reporting season.