also and by January it was  a straight up double....RSI is 41.66...oversold..very small short position of 2.10% of float...institutions bought 19.28 million shares and only sold 6.89 million in the last three months...4 strong buy 6 buys and 4 holds....price targets are low $10.00 median $12.35 and high $17.50....Michael Sprung...a very conservative value manager has HBM as top pick...I missed the boat last time the price got really cheap on HBM and it ran up 7 times the price....if it ever got really cheap like it is now I said I would buy and just let it grow for a year or so...quality company with good management and 3 projects underway and soon to drive up the my opinion its a very good buy at these prices and hold...BB28