If you are living in manitoba you well know the problems. The aboriginals make up a disproportionate % in the jails, also very high infant mortality, high AIDS #'s and much more.

Given the loss of the old ways and the skills I can see very little benefit in living in remote settings. One of my canoeing buddies who travels to remote places says that there is little travel outside the communities and no deisre to learn or follow the old ways.

And while we have to keep people from starving - just giving everything is not the answer since then there is no incentive to work and achieve- no self worth and then its drugs, booze etc etc

We as a country have a serious issue - and I think a few bands have done the right things- we need to listen to them - but demanding $ for some past wrongs is an even bigger wrong. And the OPP not enforcing the law is bizarre- and an insult to all.

Rather than blocking the roads we should offer some jobs on a test basis.