K9- I am not sure if you have been in hibernation for the last 12 months or you live in a cave but the answer is that the "Market' thinks that the end of the world re mining companies is about to happen and that copper may go back to $1 per pound!

With this as background I do think that HBM is paying the price for previous management being asleep at the swtich with the result that now we have a gap in production and thus earnings.

That said I think Garofalo and his team have done a great job of developing a strategy and executing on same.

David is a very capable CEO- with top CFO of the year award, and I strongly believe that he will manage/lead this company into a new era of profits.  Now this will take some time- 2016 should see the company firing on all cylinders and my bet is that the stock will be above $20. The only uncertainty is will the price of copper stay above $3 per lb or will it be back at $1??

Thus I come back to "the market" since there is a segment of the investing community that thinks the end of the world is coming with the Chinese returning to the rice paddies from the factories and with copper dropping back to $1 per lb!  I dont buy this- but some arent so sure!

Like everything else with investing- if you make the right bet you can win big time- but many arent prepared to gamble!

Thats my take on HBM and the mining business!