I`m afraid I have to agree with everything you say . I have made some nice money on HudBay in the past when it was considered a safe stock . Now adays almost all the large resource companies behave like penny stocks . The thing is now a lot of the CEO`s behave like junior stock promoters . They have introduced big risk by taking big gambles . I think most of the volatility in the market can be attributed to the internet which has introduced ultra cheap trading and electronic high frequency trading . Now it`s nearly out of control.  Northern Manitoba has huge mineral potential and HudBay has many of these areas tied up.  I own what was a promising junior with a nice deposit very near the Flin Flon mill . There is a rich past producer and three new deposits that are suspected to join just below surface . My company , Halo Resources was proving up some nice tonnage and they and Hudbay said three years ago they planned to rail ore to Flin Flon on an existing line that runs through the property . Hudbay took a large share of the company and installed some of their own board members . They did a large drill program the results of which have never been released . Halo had a large cash balances in the millions . Since HudBay`s involvement the Halo management has drawn big wages and done zero work . Shares went from 60 cents to 5 now , the very odd time when they do trade.  All just as HBM wants it.

   I would say HudBay has tied up any good projects in safe , cheap Manitoba to take off for South America .And that is a very smart business move until it isn`t.