You are right . I have made some money on HudBay before and lately business news guests can`t say enough good things about it . I see it differently . This management is terrible . They have burned through a mountain of cash , They have been financing mines all over the place and all big projects have teething problems . That`s why you would normally do one at a time . They ignore good deposits right outside their front door going for pennies on the dollar and charge off to an iffy jurisdiction to drop a few billion in Peru . The latest loan is at huge interest . Who pays 9.5% . They couldn`t have looked too far.   When was the last time they showed a profitable Quarter . ? they sold off the gold and silver stream just as it`s about to take off .That is another long , long term loan. They`ve had really good copper prices for several years but can`t do anything with it .  And to top it all off the head guy pays himself $1.5 million plus options ,,,,, for consistently losing money.   I think I`ll stay away for a while.