Ok, if they are already gone then what is the issue? I just know some oil company takeover competition rulings also mix in employment. From wht I read there are no Canadian written rules for the competition bureau. so I have no idea about Britain either.

I bet Tom has 10M or so shares from what I remember a few years ago when he sold some.

The big shareholder makes the call about what to do about SR, otherwise why pay for it if your idea that it isn't in mgmts interest to sell out so they won't? Somebody ordered it for a reason in other words. For all you know mgmts sights could be set on creating a new tech company with their buyouts, so it is a waste of time guessing their interest.

No I am not vindictive, and could care less about previous posts or emotions. Money is involved and that is my focus. Kevin O'Leary style posting.