After reading the newest bullboard posts it seems that the recent price movement came as a bit of a surprise to some or most. This company stock is my first major play as a rookie investor (which i am) and i have been holding very large since five dollars a share. I am holding long and plan on doing so at least until The mine starts up. For what it`s worth i have have diligently studied historic share price movement of this company and many others and can say with some certainty that this is normal and healthy. This retraction won`t last for long and is a good time to pick up those shares that you regretted not buying in the past as i will do in the coming days. As a rookie I expected this and know it is the precedence of any future upward movement to come. The fundamentals are on our side even with dilution looming around the corner. We are safe until the five dollar mark unless gold decides to go south, then all bets would be off the table. Cruise