I recently emailed investors relations about that too and pretty much told her Archer was incorrect on his statment that they are doing as the same as the other in their group.. Okra has been kicking the living hell out of GPR and they are not as advanced.. CEO cannot say GPR is doing the same when the volume is pitiful and the gains on the stock is pitiful.. Rhonda tells me they they are very leveraged to the silver but GPR has not tracked the silver at all at this time I remember with silver being where it is now GPR was not under 2.00..Clealy I would like to see Archer put his money where his mouth is or he puts up or shuts up...Even today the other miners outperformed GPR by wide margin..It is oversold but it is not gaining much like it did before all the noise on the markets.. I do not like the fact Archer commented on the part of when someone asked him if they considered being bought out and he said something on the sort of line of private what who knows what Archer was trying to say there. US markets and Canadian markets lost a lot this year they were barely holding their gains..Markets oversold...JMHO